How to unlock your Acura TL radio with your Acura TL radio code


Step 1. Locate your Acura TL VIN

Step 2. Locate your Acura TL Serial Number

Step 3. Enter your VIN and Serial Number at Unlock Car Stereo to generate your radio code

Step 4. Input your radio code into your stereo to unlock your Acura TL radio

Why do you need an Acura TL radio code?

To keep your Acura TL radio secure, a unique code is programmed into the system and must be entered for it to operate. If you remove any power source from the radio, such as when replacing a battery, it will automatically lock itself requiring you to enter the corresponding code to unlock and use the radio again. This article will explain how to locate your Acura TL radio code so you can regain access to your radio.

Step 1. Get your Acura TL Vehicle Indentification Number (VIN)

What is a VIN?

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17-digit code that acts as your car's fingerprint. This singular identification makes it easy to access details about the make, model year, and factory location of your vehicle.

Where can I find my Acura TL VIN?

If you are looking for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your Acura TL, it can be found on the driver's side dashboard near where your windshield meets the hood. Additionally, check out the compliance plate in your engine bay or on the ledge inside your car door.  You VIN can also be found among any documents related to your vehicle such as its registration and insurance policy. If all else fails, don't hesitate to reach out to an experienced dealership representative who should be able to help pinpoint exactly where it is located!

Step 2. Get your Acura TL Serial Number

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2012 Acura TL radio code

1. Start the ignition of your Acura TL

2. Switch on the car radio. It should display "COdE". If it does not, disconnect the battery for a minute and then replace it and retry.


3. Turn off the Acura TL radio once again.

4. While keeping it switched off, press the 1 and 6 buttons at the same time and press the 'ON' button.


5. The display will rotate between two different screens. Screen 1 shows a U with the first 4 digits of the serial number (e.g. U3242). Screen 2 shows an L with the last 4 digits of the serial number (e.g. L6678). To find your 8-digit serial number, ignore the letters and combine the two sets of numbers; for example: U3242 and L6678 become 32426678.


Still can't find the serial number? It will also be on the side of the unit.

If the above method didn't work, you can also find the serial number on the label of the radio unit. You will likely have to remove the radio to view the label, however it may be possible to view through the top panel without removing the unit completely.

Step 3. Visit Unlock Car Stereo and generate your Acura radio code

Once you have your VIN and serial number

1. Head to Unlock Car Stereo

2. Enter your VIN and Serial Number

3. Select Acura TL from the dropdown

4. Click "Get Unlock Code".

Enter your code at Unlock Car Stereo

Go Now

Step 4. Input your unique radio code and unlock your Acura stereo

1. Start your Acura TL

2. Turn on the radio. The display should read "COdE". If not, remove the battery leads for one minute before reconnecting.

3. Enter your 5-digit code generated through using the 1-6 buttons.

4. Your Acura TL radio should be back up and running!

Your Radio is Unlocked

You have now found and entered your Acura TL radio code and unlocked the device. Enjoy your newly restored acoustics! In order to keep this process from ever happening again, make sure you keep track of the code so that you can quickly enter it should it become locked in the future.

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