How to unlock your Acura TSX radio with your Acura TSX radio code


1. Find your Acura TSX VIN

2. Find your Acura TSX Serial Number

3. Find your Acura TSX radio code at Unlock Car Stereo

4. Unlock your Acura car radio

Why do you need an Acura TSX radio code?

Your Acura TSX has a personalized code embedded in its audio system to ensure additional protection from theft. In order for the radio to function properly, you must have this unique security code. Without the correct code, your vehicle's sound system will remain locked and unusable.

When power to your Acura TSX radio is removed (for example, when changing the battery), it may lock itself. To unlock it, you must enter a code specially designated for that specific model of vehicle.

Step 1. Get your Acura TSX VIN

What is a VIN?

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is an exclusive 17-digit code that uniquely identifies your vehicle. It is like a "fingerprint" for your car and can be used to gather vital details about it such as its manufacturer, model year, and factory of origin. To find out if any recalls are active on your car or truck, you need only input the VIN number into available online databases!

Where can I find my Acura TSX VIN?

If you’re searching for your Acura TSX Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), it is typically situated near the bottom of your driver's side dashboard, right around where the windshield meets up with the hood. It can also be found on both the compliance plate in your engine bay and inside one of your car doors. Finally, your VIN should also be mentioned somewhere among any papers related to your vehicle such as its registration or insurance policy. If none of these methods are successful, don't hesitate to contact an experienced dealership representative who will have no trouble figuring out where exactly it is located!

Step 2. Get your Acura TSX Serial Number

Instructions for:

2003 Acura TSX radio code

2004 Acura TSX radio code

2005 Acura TSX radio code

2006 Acura TSX radio code

2007 Acura TSX radio code

2008 Acura TSX radio code

2009 Acura TSX radio code

2010 Acura TSX radio code

2011 Acura TSX radio code

2012 Acura TSX radio code

1. Start your Acura TSX vehicle by turning the ignition to 'ON'.

2. Activate the car radio and check if it shows "COdE". If not, unhook the battery before replacing it after a minute then try again.


3. Turn off the Acura TSX radio once more for resetting purposes.

4. While keeping it switched off, press both 1 and 6 buttons simultaneously and press the 'ON' button!


5. The display will toggle between two different screens. Screen 1 shows a U with the first 4 digits of the serial number (e.g. U3242). Screen 2 shows an L with the last 4 digits of the serial number (e.g. L6678). To obtain your complete 8-digit serial number, simply combine these two sets of numbers; for example: U3242 and L6678 become 32426678!


You can also find your Acura TSX serial number on the radio unit label

If you still can't find your Acura TSX radio serial number, it's likely located on the label of the stereo unit. You may have to remove the radio unit from the dashboard in order to see this info. If you're lucky, there could be a chance that pulling back an upper panel will allow you access without having to do so entirely.

Step 3. Generate your Acura TSX radio code at Unlock Car Stereo

Once you have your VIN and serial number, head to Unlock Car Stereo, enter your serial number, select Acura TSX, and then click "Get Unlock Code".

Your unlock code will be emailed to you in under 10 minutes.

Enter your code at Unlock Car Stereo

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Step 4. Unlock your Acura car radio

1. Begin by switching on your Acura TSX ignition.

2. Turn on your Acura car radio. You should see "COdE" displayed across the screen. If not, unhook the battery before reinserting it once more after a minute's wait time has passed.

3. Use buttons 1-6 to enter your 5-digit code generated through

4. Congratulations! You have now successfully unlocked your Acura TSX radio!

Enjoy your music!

We hope this article was helpful in helping you unlock your Acura TSX radio and get back to enjoying your music. Thanks for reading! Happy driving!

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